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General questions for Dropshipping suppliers

Everthing you may want to know before joining Sell as a dropshipping supplier

Dropshipping with Sell is a great way for you to tap into a new source of end consumers through various storefronts, all managed through one platform.

We are working extra hard to make sure that your product catalog creation process is as smooth as possible. In the mean time we understand that it will anyway take some time so, if needed, we will provide assistance with the product catalog creation and shippment setup!

Submit yout application here to start a conversation with our Partnership manager.

Please note that Sell is a curated platform, therefore only qualified and approved dropshipping suppliers will be approved.

Sell gives priority to dropshipping suppliers based in the USA, the EU, and Australia, but we are open to all global suppliers, which sell high quality products and might be a good fit.

Since Sell is a curated platform each supplier would have to meet following requirements:

1. You must manufacture your own products or hold inventory of your products in your own warehouses. Resellers without inventory do not qualify as a supplier.

2. You can guarantee products are processed and delivered within the stated delivery times which you have selected upon profile creation.

3. You can guarantee clean ( blind ) shipping - no branded invoices, no promotional material included from your side and about your company.

4. You can provide high-quality products with product photographies and descriptions that are ready for market. You can guarantee product quality and conformity with product pictures and descriptions of your listing.

Please remember that Sell dropshipping suppliers is a curated group of suppliers. Every supplier is required to go through an application process.

Sell is a curated platform, therefore we are evaluating each supplier individually.

The application process is the following:

1. You fill our online application form here to start a conversation with our Partnership manager.

2. We will put you on our waiting list for launch, which is planned on Q4 2021.

3. When the next milestone of our product development is reached, we will get in touch with you to start creating your product catalog so you are ready to roll when we launch!

No, there are no membership fees and no setup fees!

We are working around the clock to ensure that we have all ready for the product launch in Q4 2021.

Getting Started as a Sell dropshipping supplier

What to do next when you are accepted by Sell team as Dropshipping supplier?

Congratulations if you have been approved as a Sell dropshipping supplier!

Next, you need to follow our onboarding process and complete the following steps:

1. Create your product catalog and submit it for verification

2. Set up your shipping preferences

3. Complete your profile information

That's it!
Now just sit back, relax and fulfill orders when they come!

Sell is a curated platform, therefore we are very carefull and take an extra effort to screen all products which are added to our public cagtalogue.

To ensure only the best products for our merchants and therefore secure the highest sales for suppliers, we are checking product listings before they are published.

After you have created a product listing you need to submit it for verification. After its verified it can be published to the public product catalog. We are verifying the following factors:

1. Product pictures - We highly recommend that you include studio-quality images with your products. Products with better pictures have a better performance on Sell. Suppliers are not permitted to include watermarks or logos on the product photos.

2. Product description - We recommend that you include ready-for-market product description which can be used in merchants ecommerce stores stright from your listing.

3. Prodict pricing - Suppliers are required to offer a discount to their regular retail prices. We recommend that you review the pricing of all your products before pushing them live.

Dont worry, we are swift and this process doesn't take long. We will notify you after products are verified and ready for catalog.

Sell is as easy as checking your email! Dont worry if you have any orders or activity which need your immediate action, Sell will send you an email to make sure you’re always on top of the things!

Also, we encourage suppliers to keep their inventory levels up-to-date so there are no unfulfilled orders.

General questions for Print on Demand suppliers

Everthing you might want to know before joining Sell as a Print on Demand supplier.

Sell will provide a seamless API integration with your order management system to ensure an automatical sending of client orders to your facility for fullfillment with all the necessary information. This information includes product images in a pre-defined format, product SKUs and shipping information. Additional linformation can be provided if needed.

Sell is looking for print on demand suppliers who can provide wide variety of white label products.

We are striving for a diverse product catalog with the following main product categrories:

1. Apparel

2. Home and Living items

3. Accessories

4. Household items

5. And many more.

Our product catalog is in no way limited to the products listed above. We are more then willing to see what you can offer and expand our product catalog with more quality products for merchants.

Sell customer success managers are working 24/7 to onboard a multitude of high quality merchants who will grow the total volume. It's an ongoing process and the sky is the limit.

Nevertheless, we are just starting out and the initial order volumes can be smaller then from other already established companies. It just makes us more diligent in new merchant onboarding and marketing activities.

We provide an opportunity to gain access to a pool of new print on demand merhcants and our team is continuously working on attracting new customers which will translate into more sales for you.

Why are we sure that merchants will choose us?

1. We are creating a new generation mockup generator which will make product listing creation process as easy as possible with a seamless user interface and automated product generation features

2. We wil provide an automated existing product catalog product migration to our service

3. We will provide 24/7 merchant support and education in order to help them succeed

4. We will attract merchants with innovative and previously unseen products in print on demand industry

On top of that our marketing team will work tirelessly to promote these products from our print on demand suppliers.

We are working around the clock to ensure that we have all ready for the product launch in Q4 2021.